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Potato & Rosemary Sourdough 650g

Potato & Rosemary Sourdough 650g

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Fragrant & Savoury Sourdough; aromatic chopped rosemary & nigella seeds; potatoes baked skin-on and mixed throughout dough.
Golden brown, glossy and blistered crust. Scattered flecks of crispy potato skin. Crumb is light brown, slight open irregularity, with chunks of soft potato, studded with dark green Rosemary needles & Nigella seeds.
Well balanced sourness with aromatic hints of rosemary & nigella. Tangy pockets of potatoes. Soft & chewy to eat.

Nutritional info is per 100g

Our food and drinks are made by hand in our bakeries. We use many ingredients and shared equipment, therefore we cannot guarantee our food and drinks are free from allergens.


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