Our friends at Eaten Alive recently hosted a fermentation workshop at our home in Hawley Wharf. Their small team makes about 10 tonnes of fermented foods every week, so they know their way around the natural pickling process. 

Eaten Alive’s co-founder, Pat Bingley, reminded us that fermentation is the basis of many foods, like chocolate, coffee, beer, bread and cured meats. As a process, it creates deep and complex flavour profiles and helps our bodies access food nutrients. 

Pat uses salt to transform robust vegetables into multilayered ferments. This gentle process allows the vegetable’s true flavour to take centre stage and is a contrast to foods preserved with vinegar, which can often have a more dominant taste.  

Loaded with health benefits (Pat has waved goodbye to heartburn since he started fermenting), a pickle can elevate even the most humble sandwich. A sweet, crunchy pickle takes a cheese Ploughman’s to new heights, while a tangy, sweet pickle can add a lightness to richer ingredients (like our Parmesan Chicken). 

According to Pat, summer is the best time to start your fermentation journey as the warmer weather creates the ideal environment for your pickle to thrive. 

His recipe is simple and is based on ratios that can be applied no matter your ingredients. Start with shredded white cabbage, add your chosen herbs and spices, and then salt. Mix, pop in a clean, airtight jar and violá, a pickle! 

If you’re not sure what spices to add to your mixture, Pat has some advice: “Think about finding a theme for your pickle – maybe it’s something to complement your favourite meal or sandwich – be selective, don’t throw the kitchen sink at it!”. 


200g shredded white cabbage 

Fine salt sea salt

A selection of dried or fresh herbs and spices 



Airtight jar 

Large mixing bowl 


  1. Put your mixing bowl on the scale, and set it to zero. 
  2. Add your shredded cabbage and your chosen herbs and spices, and work out 2% of its total weight – this is how much salt you’ll need to add. 
  3. Remove your bowl from the scale and mix your cabbage and spice mix. 
  4. Add your salt and massage it into your mixture until the liquid begins to separate (about 3-5 minutes). 
  5. Add your mixture to your clean, airtight jar. Make a small well on the top for the liquid to rest. 
  6. Wipe any mixture or moisture from the rim of your jar and close. 
  7. Remove the airtight seal from your jar (if it has one) and store outside the fridge for two weeks, mixing every 48 hours. 
  8. When two weeks have passed, you can store it in the fridge as it’s now ready to eat! 
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