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Gifting GAIL’s At Christmas

Box of mince pies
This season we proudly serve the gift of baking. Like a box of mince pies. A Christmas bun collected on the way home. Cookies because they’ve been good. A loaf of bread to say thank you. A stolen lunch for two. Because sometimes, it’s the simplest acts that mean the most.

There is no greater privilege than being a bakery at Christmas. And there is no greater gift, than the gift of baking.

GAIL's Gift Card


Baking’s freshness makes it inherently a last-minute offering, but it is far from an afterthought. Arriving with a box of something lovingly crafted by hand, that emerged hot out of the oven just hours before, is not a rushed decision. It conveys genuine intention. Our baked gifts retain the essence of thoughtfulness, of care, of Christmas. They feel anything but last minute.

Baked gifts


Whether you’re ploughing through snowy roads or catching flights home, our baked goods are designed to be your companion.

We’ve gone the extra mile so that our bakes can too. These gifts are made to stay fresher for longer, meaning they can travel further. Crafted with care and precision, our bakeries are brimming with treats that are baked and packaged to make the journey home this Christmas.

Chewy Ricciarelli almond biscuits, with vanilla and fresh lemon zest. Pistachio Financiers, flavoured with almonds and brown butter. Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti, polenta-crisped and twice-baked for enduring crunch.

No matter the distance, GAIL’s ensures your gifts are as fresh and joyous as the moment they left our ovens.



The final school bell rings; excited little hands present a box of buns to their favourite teacher, a small but heartfelt gift.

The simplest of gestures can hold the most warmth. For that teacher who made a difference, the neighbours who’ve shared stories across fences or the inevitable ‘Secret Santa’ conundrum, our baked goods represent the season’s warmth wrapped up and ready to gift.

Ginger and Black Treacle Cookies to slip into the Secret Santa basket. Playful chocolate shortbread Penguin Biscuits to raise a smile. Each a handcrafted token of gratitude.

Christmas bun


When a grand gesture is needed, our Christmas Hampers are the answer. Carefully curated by our team to bring the very best of the season together, they’re not only ideal for gifting, but also an excellent choice if you’re entertaining.

Brimming with selections perfect for sharing, our hampers are a helping hand in hosting, a way to make your festive gatherings feel that extra bit special.

Each product, from the freshly baked loaf of bread and its accompaniments to the delectable buns and biscuits, has rightfully earned its place in our curation – and on your festive table.


Presented in an elegant box, this hamper is an ode to classic Christmas flavours and treats. Filled with:

  • X1 Sour Cherry & Currant Sourdough Loaf

  • X1 Chocolate Babka

  • X1 Seville Orange Marmalade

  • X6 Mince Pies

  • X6 Christmas Buns

  • X4 Penguin Biscuits

  • X1 Bag of Ricciarelli

  • X1 Bag of Pistachio & Sour Cherry Biscotti

  • X1 Bag of Cheese Crackers

  • X1 Bag of Seeded Crackers


Tucked into signature GAIL’s bags lies the promise of a Christmas morning. Consisting of:

  • X1 Sour Cherry & Currant Sourdough Loaf

  • X1 Quicke’s Whey Butter

  • X1 Pack of Smoked Salmon

  • X1 Seville Orange Marmalade

  • X2 Christmas Buns

  • X2 Penguin Biscuits

  • X2 Daily Dose Orange Juice

Each hamper, a festive tale waiting to be told.

Christmas Hamper


Rewarding dedication brings its own warmth. Beyond balance sheets and board meetings, lies the true essence of a workplace—its people.

Thank them with baking. A box of buns or a curated hamper conveys appreciation for a year of dedication. And a GAIL’s gift card allows them to select their festive favourites, saying “Thank you for all the hard work; now take a moment just for you.” 


As the business world adorns a festive hat, baking sets the mood. Be it an event, a client meeting or a celebratory office lunch, give them a real treat with the unmistakable cheer of a festive GAIL’s spread.

Twice-baked Baron Bigod Brie Christmas Croissants and flaky Hand Pies, filled with ham and porcini mushrooms. Smoked Turkey and Swiss Cheese Sandwiches on sourdough. And, of course, Mince Pies and Christmas Buns to finish.

You might also consider GAIL’s Christmas Hampers for an effortless way to cater your gatherings and events this season. More than just a collection of items; they’re curated experiences, designed to enrich your festive table and encourage communal joy. Simple to order, delightful to receive and a joy to share.

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