Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Treats

Gail's Valentines

Showing love through food is second nature to us. Express your affection through food this Valentine’s Day, with our delectable selection of Valentine’s treats. Little things, that mean a lot. Fresh out of our ovens and into the hands of someone you care about.

The History 

Bestowing tokens of our love through food is rather fitting given the holiday’s beginnings, which originated when the Catholic church declared February 14th to be a day of feasts to celebrate the martyred Saint Valentine.

Besides the name, there is little similarity between these feasts and our modern traditions. The history is much debated, but it is thought that it was the poet Geoffrey Chaucer who first linked the day with romance in his poem The Parlement of Foules.

Regardless of history, at GAIL’s we believe that there is no greater gesture than placing something well baked in front of someone you care about. Here’s how to make your Valentine's Day celebration extra special this year.

GAIL’s Valentine’s Treats

Big-hearted Baking: Valentine’s Treats At GAIL’s

"Familiar acts are beautiful through love"- Percy Bysshe Shelle

From colouring their cheeks with a single iced bun to waking them up with a well-earned breakfast in bed, sleepy joy spreading across their face. This year we have boxes and bakes, brimful of significance, seasoned with sentiment.

Valentine's Hampers

Valentine's Hampers

Start their day with some excitement and surprise them with breakfast in bed. We have two new carefully curated breakfast boxes available to order online now.

Valentine's Cakes

Valentine's Cakes

A Box of Mini Ones

When chocolate is required, we suggest delivering a gift box containing GAIL’s fudgy Chocolate Brownie Fingers - a timeless classic, a symbol of enduring love. Accompanied by bite-sized honey sponges topped with cinnamon honey icing and blue cornflower petals. And sticky tahini and dark chocolate bites topped with sesame seeds. Providing them with the perfect interlude of elevenses.

A Box of Big Ones

Because a box of our favourites, for your favourite, is likely to make you their favourite, too.

There’s nothing lovelier than our Pistachio, Lemon and Rose Cakes, topped with beautiful edible rose petals. A rich pistachio base, iced with lemon, rose water and raspberry icing.

The Pecan Cinnamon Crumb Cake is our take on the German Streuselkuchen. A marbled cinnamon and cocoa base is topped with a pecan, cinnamon and brown sugar streusel crumb. It offers a myriad of textures and flavours.

For our Sea Salt Caramel, Banana and Pecan Cakes, banana bread is topped with salted caramel and finally piled high with caramelised, salted pecans, balanced as perfectly as the flavours.

The perfect selection of Valentine’s treats, then.

Hot Lip Biscuits

Biscuits were originally created to provide sustenance for those on long journeys. Our Hot Lips Biscuits make a choice gift, then, for anyone you are adventuring through life with. Rich, chocolate shortbread with raspberry icing. Rouged with extracted colours from beetroots, plums and radishes.

Hot Lip Biscuits

Iced Buns

A box of buns makes a delightful gift, and in particular, our new Raspberry Iced Buns. Perfectly pink, filled with raspberry and rose jam made just for GAIL's by our friends at Tea Together, and topped with raspberry icing. Abundant with affection.

Iced BunsGift Cards

The painter Vincent Van Gogh once said, “The way to know life is to love many things.”. Give your valentine a lust for life with a GAIL’s gift card, allowing them to discover a whole new world of favourites from our Baker’s Table.

Any of our Valentine’s Treats can be ready and waiting...

Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Treats

Order ahead now to ensure your Valentine’s bakes are ready and waiting for you to collect with your morning coffee or delivered directly to your door.


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